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Animal Game
Play guess-the-animal game with Alexa! Think of an animal, and Alexa will try to guess it by asking you questions.
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Animal Detective
If you like our Animal Game, you will love this one. In this game, you will need to guess the animal, and Alexa will give you clues.
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Guess My Secret
Challenge Alexa by thinking of an object in your home, and letting her guess it . She may just read your mind!
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Treasure Words
Have Alexa guess your word in a delightful game of questions and answers.
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Let Me Choose!
Given three shocking, funny and at times hard-to-believe statements, can you identify the only fact of the bunch?
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Outlier Game
Outlier Game is a fast-paced logical game that will challenge you to quickly spot the patterns and select the word that does not belong with the rest.
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Confused Coconut
Spice up your party and compete with friends in this hysterical word game.
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